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The individual matrices composing the operator are given as
<img src="manual/vh.png" alt="Vh"/>
<img src="manual/kh.png" alt="Kh"/>
<img src="manual/dh.png" alt="Dh"/>
<img src="manual/mh.png" alt="Mh"/>
with the globally continuous piecewise linear functions <img src="manual/phi.png" alt="phi"/>. The globally continuous piecewise linear approximation of the Dirichlet boundary data satisfying
<img src="manual/scaling.png" alt="scaling condition"/>
can be obtained from the discretized boundary integral equation
<img src="manual/bem.png" alt="BEM"/>
<img src="manual/beta.png" alt="beta"/>, <img src="manual/ai.png" alt="ai"/>, <img src="manual/a.png" alt="a"/>.
## Compilation
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