Commit a0e3c477 authored by Ivo Peterek's avatar Ivo Peterek

FIX: nested regions plot data - separated key parameter from config parameter

parent 316d8d2b
......@@ -519,11 +519,9 @@ for root_folder_ind, root_folder in enumerate(root_folder_lst):
# prepsat
act_plot_data = [yLabel,
{'head_text_config': (
func, ', '.join(config_plot_tuple + tuple('\,'.join(el)
for el in
{'region': func,
'config': config_plot_tuple,
'key': tuple(';'.join(el) for el in zip(optim_keys, keys_units)),
'x_label_name': file_name_args.get_x_label(),
'x_label_unit': x_val_unit,
'y_label_name': yLabel['arg'],
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