Commit 698644eb authored by meta-androcto's avatar meta-androcto
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import_3ds: fix for image paths: T66329

parent 095aa06f
......@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ def process_next_chunk(context, file, previous_chunk, importedObjects, IMAGE_SEA
if temp_chunk.ID == MAT_MAP_FILEPATH:
texture_name, read_str_len = read_string(file)
img = TEXTURE_DICT[] = load_image(texture_name, dirname)
img = TEXTURE_DICT[] = load_image(texture_name, dirname, recursive=IMAGE_SEARCH)
temp_chunk.bytes_read += read_str_len # plus one for the null character that gets removed
elif temp_chunk.ID == MAT_MAP_USCALE:
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