Commit fcdeee23 authored by Brecht Van Lommel's avatar Brecht Van Lommel Committed by Sergey Sharybin
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Fix T50001: auto tile size addon broken after Cycles GPU device changes.

Note the previous code to compute the number of GPU devices was wrong,
the number after MULTI_* did not indicate the number of devices.
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......@@ -146,7 +146,9 @@ def ats_poll(context):
def engine_is_gpu(engine, device, userpref):
return engine == 'CYCLES' and device == 'GPU' and userpref.system.compute_device_type != 'NONE'
if engine == 'CYCLES' and device == 'GPU':
return userpref.addons['cycles'].preferences.has_active_device()
return False
def get_tilesize_prop(engine, device, userpref):
......@@ -206,11 +208,7 @@ def get_threads(context, device):
userpref = context.user_preferences
if engine_is_gpu(engine, device, userpref):
gpu_device_str = userpref.system.compute_device
if 'MULTI' in gpu_device_str:
threads = int(gpu_device_str.split('_')[-1])
threads = 1
threads = userpref.addons['cycles'].preferences.get_num_gpu_devices()
threads = render.threads
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