1. 13 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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  5. 06 Jan, 2018 7 commits
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      Display Tools: Fix particles issues with Fast Navigation · 01be96c6
      lijenstina authored
      Bump version to 1.6.4
      Fix several issues related to drawing particles:
      - Particles not restored on exit
      - Needless modal looping through them
      - Hook the InitialParticles property properly
      Fix not restoring the viewport shading on exit
      Fix crash with changing Screens
      Some UI fixes
      Improve the tooltip for Fast Navigate
    • lijenstina's avatar
      Fix T53136: Make the .gpl palette import more robust · f09e66a3
      lijenstina authored
      Bump version to 0.9.3
      Make the gpl preset execution more robust:
      - Don't load non .gpl files in the preset menu
      - Use re.split instead of the fixed slicing
      - Add messages about failure to read the file and filepath
      Small cleanup
      Note: Probably there could be more cases when the import of
      a valid palette file can fail, or parsing can be improved
    • lijenstina's avatar
      Fix T53406: Avoid toggling visibility on Collision modifier · e12f817f
      lijenstina authored
      Bumped version to 0.2.5
      Since the Collision modifier visibility was not exposed in the UI
      trying to avoid unreliable results related to physics
      and possibly broken setups, for now skip it in the add-on
      Add reports about skipping:
      - Skipped modifier name is appended
      - If there are only skipped modifiers, add a new message about it
      Correct bl_name of some operators so they are easier to search
    • lijenstina's avatar
      HiRISE DTM Importer: Fix operator call through Python, minor cleanup · dd9965f3
      lijenstina authored
      Bump version to 0.2.2
      Merge Differential revision: D2926
      The importer should be called with:
      Replace deprecated imp calls with importlib
      Move bl_info on top of the file
      Imports as tuples
      Update wiki link
      ReloadTerrain operator:
      - add a poll to prevent crashes when called through search with no object
    • Campbell Barton's avatar
      Fix easy lattice · ea5d7b0e
      Campbell Barton authored
      D2943 by @deadpin
      - Removes broken/unused code that would attempt to delete already added easy-lattices
      - Allows the creation of multiple easy-lattices in the same scene AND for the same object (incl. support for multiple vertex groups)
      - Add scale factor so the user can create lattices smaller/larger than the target mesh
      - Add Catmull-Rom option
      - Code style (variable naming, UI naming, return values, etc.)
      - Support local-view, thanks to @lijenstina
    • lijenstina's avatar
      Copy Attributes Menu: Add a message about needed selection, cleanup · 6d36d4fd
      lijenstina authored
      Bump version to 0.4.8
      Pep 8 cleanup
      Imports as tuples
      Update wiki link
      Consistent property definitions
      Add a menu label info about the needed selection if poll is false
      Add missing info strings to location, rotation an scale functions
      Add separators for the Object mode CTRL + C menu
      Fix the broken generation of Layer Menus by defining them explicitly
      The code for registering menus was removed
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