Commit 6a925ba3 authored by Milan Jaros's avatar Milan Jaros
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disable deleting of collections in covise

parent e7250792
......@@ -813,7 +813,8 @@ void CoviseMeshImporter::create_new_collection_and_activate(const char *object_n
// delete exist collection
if (collection_check != NULL) {
BKE_collection_delete(m_bmain, collection_check, true);
//comment for macos
//BKE_collection_delete(m_bmain, collection_check, true);
// add new collection
......@@ -4859,7 +4859,7 @@ static void rna_def_userdef_edit(BlenderRNA *brna)
prop = RNA_def_property(srna, "undo_steps", PROP_INT, PROP_NONE);
RNA_def_property_int_sdna(prop, NULL, "undosteps");
RNA_def_property_range(prop, 0, 2);
RNA_def_property_range(prop, 0, 256);
RNA_def_property_int_funcs(prop, NULL, "rna_userdef_undo_steps_set", NULL);
prop, "Undo Steps", "Number of undo steps available (smaller values conserve memory)");
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