Commit 9ada602d authored by Dalai Felinto's avatar Dalai Felinto
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Credits: Unify duplicated entries + author renames

This commit implements a lookup table that allow git authors to
be renamed. We had a few duplicated entries for the same author,
as well as at least one case where the contributor that changed name.
parent ffc34f85
......@@ -29,6 +29,63 @@ Example use:
from git_log import GitCommit, GitCommitIter
import unicodedata as ud
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Lookup Table to clean up the credits
# This is a combination of unifying git logs as well as
# name change requested by the authors.
AuthorLookup = {
"Aaron": "Aaron Carlisle",
"Your Name": "Aaron Carlisle",
"Alan": "Alan Troth",
"andreas atteneder": "Andreas Atteneder",
"Ankit": "Ankit Meel",
"Antonioya": "Antonio Vazquez",
"Antonio Vazquez": "Antonio Vazquez",
"Antony Ryakiotakis": "Antony Riakiotakis",
"bastien": "Bastien Montagne",
"mont29": "Bastien Montagne",
"bjornmose": "Bjorn Mose",
"meta-androcto": "Brendon Murphy",
"Brecht van Lommel": "Brecht Van Lommel",
"Brecht Van Lömmel": "Brecht Van Lommel",
"Clément Foucault": "Clément Foucault",
"Clément": "Clément Foucault",
"fclem": "Clément Foucault",
"christian brinkmann": "Christian Brinkmann",
"ZanQdo": "Daniel Salazar",
"unclezeiv": "Davide Vercelli",
"gaiaclary": "Gaia Clary",
"Diego Hernan Borghetti": "Diego Borghetti",
"Dotsnov Valentin": "Dontsov Valentin",
"Eitan": "EitanSomething",
"Germano": "Germano Cavalcante",
"Germano Cavalcantemano-wii": "Germano Cavalcante",
"mano-wii": "Germano Cavalcante",
"gsr": "Guillermo S. Romero",
"howardt": "Howard Trickey",
"Inês Almeida": "Ines Almeida",
"brita": "Ines Almeida",
"Ivan": "Ivan Perevala",
"jensverwiebe": "Jens Verwiebe",
"julianeisel": "Julian Eisel",
"Severin": "Julian Eisel",
"Alex Strand": "Kenzie Strand",
"Kevin Dietrich": "Kévin Dietrich",
"Mikhail": "Mikhail Matrosov",
"lazydodo": "Ray Molenkamp",
"Ray molenkamp": "Ray Molenkamp",
"Author Name": "Robert Guetzkow",
"Sybren A. Stüvel": "Sybren A. Stüvel",
"Simon": "Simon G",
"Stephan": "Stephan Seitz",
"blender": "Sergey Sharybin",
"Vuk GardaÅ¡ević": "Vuk Gardašević",
"ianwill": "Willian Padovani Germano",
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Class for generating credits
......@@ -54,6 +111,7 @@ class Credits:
def process_commit(self, c):
# Normalize author string into canonical form, prevents duplicate credit users
author = ud.normalize('NFC',
author = AuthorLookup.get(author, author)
year =
cu = self.users.get(author)
if cu is None:
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