Commit 0fa4b58a authored by Ryan Pavlik's avatar Ryan Pavlik Committed by Jakob Bornecrantz
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build: Disable IPC on Windows.

parent d2955a39
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ cmake_dependent_option(XRT_HAVE_EGL "Enable OpenGL on EGL Graphics API support"
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_HAVE_DBUS "Enable dbus support (for BLE support)" ON "DBUS_FOUND" OFF)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_FEATURE_COMPOSITOR_MAIN "Build main compositor host functionality" ON "XRT_HAVE_VULKAN; XRT_HAVE_WAYLAND OR XRT_HAVE_XCB OR ANDROID" OFF)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_FEATURE_OPENXR "Build OpenXR runtime target" ON "XRT_FEATURE_COMPOSITOR_MAIN" OFF)
option(XRT_FEATURE_SERVICE "Enable separate service module for OpenXR runtime" ON)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_FEATURE_SERVICE "Enable separate service module for OpenXR runtime" ON "NOT WIN32" OFF)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_HAVE_SYSTEMD "Enable systemd support (for socket activation of service)" ON "Systemd_FOUND AND XRT_FEATURE_SERVICE" OFF)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_INSTALL_SYSTEMD_UNIT_FILES "Install user unit files for systemd socket activation on installation" ON "XRT_HAVE_SYSTEMD" OFF)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_INSTALL_ABSOLUTE_SYSTEMD_UNIT_FILES "Use an absolute path to monado-system in installed user unit files for systemd socket activation" ON "XRT_INSTALL_SYSTEMD_UNIT_FILES" OFF)
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