Commit 345e9eab authored by Christoph Haag's avatar Christoph Haag
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build/cmake: Enable survive driver when libsurvive is installed

The same change was recently done in meson in 8c4b6cef

closes #111
parent a71de192
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_HYDRA "Enable Hydra driver" ON "XRT_HAVE
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_NS "Enable North Star driver" ON "XRT_HAVE_INTERNAL_HID" OFF)
# This one defaults to off, even if we find the deps.
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_SURVIVE "Enable libsurvive driver" OFF "SURVIVE_FOUND" OFF)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_SURVIVE "Enable libsurvive driver" ON "SURVIVE_FOUND" OFF)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_ANDROID "Enable Android sensors driver" ON "ANDROID" OFF)
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