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doc: Add changelog snippets for !444

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u/vk: Remove unused vk_image struct, this is later recreated for the image
allocator code.
u/vk: Add a new image allocate helper, this is used by the main compositor to
create, export and import swapchain images.
generation: Fix handling 'in_handle' by adding a extra sync round-trip, this
might be solvable by using `SOCK_SEQPACKET`.
Implement the `xrt_compositor::import_swapchain` function, uses the earlier
`in_handle` work.
Make some fields on `xrt_gl_swapchain` and `xrt_vk_swapchain` private moving
them into the client compositor code instead of exposing them.
Make `xrt_compositor::create_swapchain` return xrt_result_t instead of the
swapchain, this makes the methods on `xrt_compositor` more uniform.
Add the method `xrt_compositor::import_swapchain` allowing a state tracker to
create a swapchain from a set of pre-allocated images. Uses the same
`xrt_swapchain_create_info` as `xrt_compositor::create_swapchain`.
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