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doc: Remove old changelog fragments

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tracking: Improve readability and documentation of IMU fusion class.
tracking: Add image undistort/normalize cache mechanism, to avoid needing to
remap every frame.
u/file: Add file helpers to load files from config directory.
u/json: Add bool getter function.
tracking: Expose save function with none hardcode path for calibration data.
tracking: Remove all path hardcoded calibration data loading and saving
threading: New helper functions and structs for doing threaded work, these are
on a higher level then the one in os wrappers.
threading: Fix missing `#pragma once` in `os/os_threading.h`.
u/time: Temporarily disable the time skew in time state and used fixed offset
instead to fix various time issues in `st/oxr`. Will be fixed properly later.
math: Correctly validate quaternion using non-squared "length" instead of
squared "length", certain combinations of elements would produce valid regular
"length" but not valid squared ones.
Add support for a new service process. This process houses the hardware drivers
and compositor. In order to do this, a whole new subsection of Monado called ipc
was added. It lives in `src/xrt/ipc` and sits between the state trackers and
the service hosting the drivers and compositor.
Support optional systemd socket-activation: if not disabled at configure time,
`monado-service` can be launched by systemd as a service with an associated
socket. If the service is launched this way, it will use the systemd-created
domain socket instead of creating its own. (If launched manually, it will still
create its own as normal.) This allows optional auto-launching of the service
when running a client (OpenXR) application. Associated systemd unit files are
also included.
main: Fix XCB memory leaks and correctly use XCB/Xlib interop.
main: Shorten Vulkan initializers.
main: Port XCB and direct mode back ends to plain C.
main: Add support for Vive Pro, Valve Index, Oculus DK1, DK2 and CV1 to NVIDIA
direct mode.
client: Make sure that the number of images is decided by the fd compositor.
main: Split RandR and NVIDIA direct mode window back ends.
main: Improve synchronization and remove redundant vkDeviceWaitIdle calls.
main: Delay the destruction of swapchains until a time where it is safe, this
allows swapchains to be destroyed from other threads.
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