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doc: Remove old changelog fragments

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client: Propegate the supported formats from the real compositor to the client
renderer: Change the idle images colour from bright white to grey.
main: Add support for multiple projection layers.
main: Only allocate one image for static swapchains.
dd: Add a driver for the Google Daydream View controller.
all: Use new pre-filter and 3-DoF filter in drivers.
arduino: Added a Arduino based flexible input device driver, along with Arduino
C++ code for it.
psmv: Use all 6 measurements to compute acceleration bias, and port to new IMU prefilter.
v4l2: Add special tweaks for the ELP camera.
vive: Add basic 3DOF driver for Vive Wand Controller with full input support and
Valve Index Controller with partial input support.
psvr: Use a better 3dof fusion for the PSVR when no tracking is available.
psvm: Move the led and rumble updating from the application facing update_inputs
function to the internal thread instead.
- issue.69
psmv: Fix failure to build from source on PPC.
- mr.237
- mr.238
- mr.240
build: Refactor CMake build system to make static (not object) libraries and
explicitly describe dependencies.
util: Add some bit manipulation helper functions in `util/u_bitwise.c` and
os/ble: Add utility functionality for accessing Bluetooth Low-Energy (Bluetooth
LE or BLE) over D-Bus, in `os/os_ble.h` and `os/os_ble_dbus.c`.
tracking: Make stereo_camera_calibration reference counted, and have the prober,
not the calibration, call the save function.
math: Add pre-filter and a simple understandable 3-DoF fusion filter.
math: Expand algebraic math functions in `math/m_api.h`, `math/m_vec3.h` and
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