Commit 8f838c7d authored by Ryan Pavlik's avatar Ryan Pavlik Committed by Jakob Bornecrantz
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cmake: Disable remote driver on things other than Linux and Android for now.

parent 97ebeda7
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_DAYDREAM "Enable the Google Daydream Vie
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_ARDUINO "Enable Arduino input device with BLE via via D-Bus" ON "XRT_HAVE_DBUS" OFF)
option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_DUMMY "Enable dummy driver" ON)
option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_REMOTE "Enable remote debugging driver" ON)
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_REMOTE "Enable remote debugging driver" ON "XRT_HAVE_LINUX OR ANDROID" OFF)
# These all use the Monado internal hid wrapper.
cmake_dependent_option(XRT_BUILD_DRIVER_HDK "Enable HDK driver" ON "XRT_HAVE_INTERNAL_HID" OFF)
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