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doc: Remove old changelog fragments

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u/vk: Remove unused vk_image struct, this is later recreated for the image
allocator code.
u/vk: Add a new image allocate helper, this is used by the main compositor to
create, export and import swapchain images.
u/vk: Rename `vk_create_semaphore_from_fd` to `vk_create_semaphore_from_native`
aux/ogl: Add a function to compute the texture target and binding enum for a given swapchain image creation info.
- mr.547
- mr.581
aux/android: New Android utility library added.
util: Tidy hand tracking header.
math: Fix doxygen warnings in vector headers.
compositor: Add support for alpha blending with premultiplied alpha.
compositor: Implement subimage rectangle rendering for quad layers.
compositor: Enable subimage rectangle rendering for projection layers.
compositor: Fix printing of current connected displays on nvidia when no whitelisted display is found.
compositor: Add env var to temporarily add display string to nvidia whitelist.
compositor and clients: Use a generic typedef to represent the platform-specific graphics buffer, allowing use of `AHardwareBuffer` on recent Android.
compositor: Check the protected content bit, and return a non-success code if it's set. Supporting this is optional in OpenXR, but lack of support must be reported to the application.
compositor: Implement cylinder layers.
main: Set the maximum layers supported to 16, we technically support more than
16, but things get out of hand if multiple clients are running and all are using
max layers.
main: Add code to check that a format is supported by the GPU before exposing.
compositor: Remove panotools and vive shaders from compositor.
Initial work on a port of the compositor to Android.
render: Implement equirect layer rendering.
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