Commit a80ef433 authored by Pete Black's avatar Pete Black Committed by Jakob Bornecrantz
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t/calib: Also accept L8 frames

parent c14d709a
......@@ -192,6 +192,13 @@ ensure_buffers_are_allocated(class Calibration &c, int rows, int cols)
// If our rgb is not allocated but our gray already is, alloc our rgb
// now. We will hit this path if we receive L8 format.
if (c.gray.cols == cols && c.gray.rows == rows) {
refresh_gui_frame(c, rows, cols);
c.gray = cv::Mat(rows, cols, CV_8UC1, cv::Scalar(0));
refresh_gui_frame(c, rows, cols);
......@@ -1042,6 +1049,21 @@ make_remap_view(class Calibration &c, struct xrt_frame *xf)
XRT_NO_INLINE static void
process_frame_l8(class Calibration &c, struct xrt_frame *xf)
int w = (int)xf->width;
int h = (int)xf->height;
cv::Mat data(h, w, CV_8UC1, xf->data, xf->stride);
c.gray = data;
ensure_buffers_are_allocated(c, data.rows, data.cols);
c.gui.frame->source_sequence = xf->source_sequence;
cv::cvtColor(data, c.gui.rgb, cv::COLOR_GRAY2RGB);
XRT_NO_INLINE static void
process_frame_yuv(class Calibration &c, struct xrt_frame *xf)
......@@ -1154,6 +1176,7 @@ t_calibration_frame(struct xrt_frame_sink *xsink, struct xrt_frame *xf)
switch (xf->format) {
case XRT_FORMAT_YUV888: process_frame_yuv(c, xf); break;
case XRT_FORMAT_YUV422: process_frame_yuyv(c, xf); break;
case XRT_FORMAT_L8: process_frame_l8(c, xf); break;
P("ERROR: Bad format '%s'", u_format_str(xf->format));
......@@ -1260,8 +1283,9 @@ t_calibration_stereo_create(struct xrt_frame_context *xfctx,
ret = t_debug_hsv_viewer_create(xfctx, *out_sink, out_sink);
// Ensure we only get yuv or yuyv frames.
u_sink_create_to_yuv_or_yuyv(xfctx, *out_sink, out_sink);
// Ensure we only get yuv, yuyv or l8 frames.
u_sink_create_to_yuv_yuyv_or_l8(xfctx, *out_sink, out_sink);
// Build the board model.
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