Commit bd381561 authored by Dan Weatherford's avatar Dan Weatherford
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d/vive: Fix distortion center config parsing

parent cb51b32f
......@@ -96,8 +96,8 @@ _get_distortion_properties(struct vive_device *d, const cJSON *eye_transform_jso
if (distortion != NULL) {
// TODO: store center per color
// clang-format off
JSON_FLOAT(eye_json, "center_x", &d->distortion[eye].center[0]);
JSON_FLOAT(eye_json, "center_y", &d->distortion[eye].center[1]);
JSON_FLOAT(distortion, "center_x", &d->distortion[eye].center[0]);
JSON_FLOAT(distortion, "center_y", &d->distortion[eye].center[1]);
// clang-format on
// green
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