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## Monado 21.0.0 (2021-01-28)
- Major changes
- Adds a initial SteamVR driver state tracker and target that produces a SteamVR
plugin that enables any Monado hardware driver to be used in SteamVR. This is
the initial upstreaming of this code and has some limitations, like only having
working input when emulating a Index controller.
- XRT Interface
- Add `xrt_binding_profile` struct, related pair structs and fields on
`xrt_device` to allow to move the static rebinding of inputs and outputs into
device drivers. This makes it easier to get a overview in the driver itself
which bindings it can bind to.
- xrt: Generate bindings for Monado and SteamVR from json.
- xrt: Introduce `xrt_system_compositor`, it is basically a analogous to
`XrSystemID` but instead of being a fully fledged xrt_system this is only the
compositor part of it. Also fold the `prepare_session` function into the create
native compositor function to simplify the interface.
- Expose more information on the frameservers, like product, manufacturer and
- Add `XRT_FORMAT_BAYER_GR8` format.
- State Trackers
- st/oxr: Add OXR_FRAME_TIMING_SPEW for basic frame timing debug output.
- OpenXR: Make sure to restore old EGL display/context/drawables when creating a
client EGL compositor.
- GUI: Expand with support for controlling the remote driver hand tracking.
- st/oxr: Implement XR_KHR_vulkan_enable2
- st/oxr: Add OXR_TRACKING_ORIGIN_OFFSET_{X,Y,Z} env variables as a quick way to
tweak 6dof tracking origins.
- OpenXR: Be more relaxed with Quat validation, spec says within 1% of unit
length, normalize if not within float epsilon.
- Drivers
- North Star: Fix memory leak in math code.
- psvr: Rename some variables for better readability.
- openhmd: Fix viewport calculation of rotated displays.
- remote: Add support for simulated hand tracking, this is based on the curl
that is used by the Valve Index Controller.
- android: Acquire device display metrics from system.
- openhmd: Rotate DK2 display correctly.
- d/psmv: The motor on zcmv1 does not rumble at amplitudes < 0.25. Linear rescale
amplitude into [0.25, 1] range.
- v4l2: Expose more information through new fields in XRT interface.
- v4l2: Allocate more buffers when streaming data.
- ipc: Port IPC to u_logging.
- ipc: Make OXR_DEBUG_GUI work with monado-service.
- Compositor
- comp: Add basic frame timing information to XRT_COMPOSITOR_LOG=trace.
- main: Refactor how the compositor interacts with targets, the goal is to enable
the compositor to render to destinations that isn't backed by a `VkSwapchain`.
Introduce `comp_target` and remove `comp_window`, also refactor `vk_swapchain`
to be a sub-class of `comp_target` named `comp_target_swapchain`, the window
backends now sub class `comp_target_swapchain`.
- Implement support for XR_KHR_composition_layer_equirect (equirect1).
- comp: Improve thread safety. Resolve issues in mutlithreading CTS.
- main: Lower priority on sRGB format. This works around a bug in the OpenXR CTS
and mirrors better what at least on other OpenXR runtime does.
- Helper Libraries
- os/time: Make timespec argument const.
- os/time: Add a Linux specific way to get the realtime clock (for RealSense).
- math: Make sure that we do not drop and positions in poses when the other pose
has a non-valid position.
- aux/vk: `vk_create_device` now takes in a list of Vulkan device extensions.
- Port everything to u_logging.
- u/hand_tracking: Tweak finger curl model making it easier to grip ingame
- math: Add math_quat_validate_within_1_percent function.
- u/sink: Add Bayer format converter.
- u/distortion: Improve both Vive and Index distortion by fixing polynomial math.
- u/distortion: Improve Index distortion and tidy code. While this touches the
Vive distortion code all Vive headsets seems to have the center set to the same
for each channel so doesn't help them. And Vive doesn't have the extra
coefficient that the Index does so no help there either.
- Misc. Features
- Work toward a Win32 port.
- Additional improvements to the Android port.
- Misc. Fixes
- steamvr: Support HMDs with rotated displays
## Monado 0.4.1 (2020-11-04)
- State Trackers
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