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README: Document how to run Vulkan validation.

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......@@ -178,6 +178,22 @@ You can verify that it stuck with the command.
xrandr --prop
## Running Vulkan Validation
To run Monado with Vulkan validation the loader's layer functionality can be used.
VK_INSTANCE_LAYERS=VK_LAYER_KHRONOS_validation ./build/src/xrt/targets/service/monado-service
The same can be done when launching a Vulkan client.
If you want a backtrace to be produced at validation errors, create a `vk_layer_settings.txt`
file with the following content:
khronos_validation.debug_action = VK_DBG_LAYER_ACTION_LOG_MSG,VK_DBG_LAYER_ACTION_BREAK
khronos_validation.report_flags = error,warn
khronos_validation.log_filename = stdout
## Using libsurvive
To enable the libsurvive driver, libsurvive has to be installed as a library with a pkgconfig file
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