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# How to release
These instructions assumes that the version you are making is `21.0.0`.
## Generate changelog
Run proclamation in the `doc/changes`.
proclamation build 21.0.0 --delete-fragments --overwrite
Commit changes, split in two commits to help unrolling or editing changes.
git commit -m"doc: Update" doc/
git commit -m"doc: Remove old changelog fragments" doc/changes
## Update versions
Edit the files
* `CMakelists.txt`
* ``
* `src/xrt/state_trackers/oxr/oxr_instance.c`
See previous commits for exact places.
git commit -a -m"monado: Update version"
## Tag the code
Do the tagging from git, do **not** do it from gitlab, also make sure to prefix
the version with `v` so that `21.0.0` becomes `v21.0.0`.
git tag v21.0.0 -m"v21.0.0"
## Do gitlab release
The Gitlab UI has a friendly interface, just follow the guide there.
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