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      Add changelog for MR 369 · 9c470ddc
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      xrt: Add xrt_result_t return type to many functions · cc9b415a
      Christoph Haag authored
      Many functions returned void and were assumed to always succeed, and some functions
      returned only a bool to indicate vague success/failure.
      Now that these functions get piped over IPC all of them have to be able to indicate
      an IPC failure like for example an unreachable service.
      With the xrt_result_t return type they now have the opportunity to report various
      types of failures.
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      ipc: Replace ipc_result_t with global xrt_result_t · db5db10a
      Christoph Haag authored
      Functions down the line should be able to fail and return a status.
      They can be called either through IPC or directly depending on compile settings,
      therefore we need an internal result type for various XR_ERROR_* errors, but also IPC failure.
      For now functions in ipc_client_utils.c only return XRT_SUCCESS or XRT_ERROR_IPC_FAILURE.
      If there is no IPC failure, the generated protocol will extract and return the called functions'
      actual return value from the reply.
      v2: make failure results negative
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