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      d/ns: Remove redundant semicolons. · 65d6ade6
      Lubosz Sarnecki authored
      As found by C++ pedantic warnings.
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      meson: Raise default warning level. · 79b739d5
      Lubosz Sarnecki authored
      Increases the default warning level to 3, which includes pedantic
      errors. Disable them on C++, which is the way it was done before.
      To resolve most pedantic warnings on C++ either the compiler standard
      would need to be increased to c++2a or the remaining copositor backends
      would require porting to plain C. One of each or both should happen in
      the future.
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      meson: Don't specify warning level manually. · a81b7e17
      Lubosz Sarnecki authored
      Since we already specify a `warning_level` in the project settings, it
      is redundant to manually specify it as compiler parameters.
      This patch resolves the following meson warning:
      meson.build:25: WARNING: Consider using the built-in warning_level option instead of using "-Wall".
      meson.build:25: WARNING: Consider using the built-in warning_level option instead of using "-Wextra".
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      doc/meson: Remove install arg. · 7d5d43a1
      Lubosz Sarnecki authored
      The project currently is set to meson version 0.49.0 but uses features
      the install argument for configure_file was introduced with meson 0.50.0.
      This patch removes the unused parameter fixes the following warnings:
      WARNING: Project targeting '>=0.49.0' but tried to use feature introduced in '0.50.0': install arg in configure_file
      WARNING: Project specifies a minimum meson_version '>=0.49.0' but uses features which were added in newer versions:
      * 0.50.0: {'install arg in configure_file'}
      WARNING: Deprecated features used:
      * 0.50.0: {'install arg in configure_file'}
      In an initial patch I just bumped the meson version, but this introduced
      problems in our Debian CI.
      An increase in the meson version would be possible by using a meson
      distribution from pip, as it's done for old distros in xrdesktop.
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      comp/window_direct_mode: Use XCB/Xlib interop. · 4d0c4909
      Lubosz Sarnecki authored
      Since there currently is no Vulkan extension that takes XCB handles to
      aqcuire the display Xlib interop needs to be used.
      Before this patch Monado was opening connections for both APIs, which
      introduced overhead.
      Even though all XCB handles can be casted to Xlib ones, this cannot be
      done with the main xcb_connection_t / Display. In it's design the
      interop between both APIs can create a xcb_connection_t from a XCB
      handle, but not the other way round. So in an interop case the Xlib
      connection is the main one, since it's on a higher level.
      More information on this can be found here:
      Unfortunately the clean solution for this would be to specify a Vulkan
      extension that takes XCB handles. This would make sense since Vulkan
      is aware of XCB in other parts of the API as well. In Mesa the Xlib
      structs will be ultimately casted to XCB.
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      comp: Don't leak xcb replies. · 20f28163
      Lubosz Sarnecki authored
      According the XCB documentation the reply structs must be freed. I found
      this when running a minimal example related to the direct mode code in
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