Commit f3cc6cc1 authored by Stanislav Bohm's avatar Stanislav Bohm
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Flag for OpenMPI bug on Salomon

parent 8298a4ce
......@@ -20,11 +20,15 @@ def is_inside_pbs():
return "PBS_NODEFILE" in os.environ
def get_pbs_nodes():
assert is_inside_pbs()
def get_pbs_nodes(use_short_names):
if not is_inside_pbs():
raise Exception("Not in PBS job")
with open(os.environ["PBS_NODEFILE"]) as f:
return [line.strip() for line in f]
nodes = [line.strip() for line in f]
if use_short_names:
nodes = [line.split(".")[0] for line in nodes]
return nodes
def start_datasrv(cluster, node, workdir, env, init_cmd):
......@@ -55,8 +59,9 @@ def start_server(cluster, workers, workdir, env, init_cmd):
@click.option("--init-cmd", default="")
def up(workdir, init_cmd):
nodes = get_pbs_nodes()
@click.option("--short-names", default=False, is_flag=True)
def up(workdir, init_cmd, short_names):
nodes = get_pbs_nodes(short_names)
workdir = pathlib.Path(workdir).absolute()
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