Commit 9e050f87 authored by Vladimír Ulman's avatar Vladimír Ulman
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CHG: scenario produces the "layout" mask image only once (it's constant per time anyway)

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......@@ -123,6 +123,13 @@ public:
//set my "grid pixel" to mark I was alive
mask.SetVoxel((size_t)x,(size_t)y,0, (i3d::GRAY16)ID);
//one agent will disable producing mask images after it was created at least once
if (ID == 1 && currTime == 0.1f)
DEBUG_REPORT("stopping the production of the maskXXX.tif");
void drawTexture(i3d::Image3d<float>& phantom, i3d::Image3d<float>& indices)
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