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Merge branch 'parallel', adds only the scenario itself

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#include <thread>
#include <functional>
#include <i3d/image3d.h>
#include "../util/rnd_generators.h"
#include "../util/Vector3d.h"
#include "../Geometries/Spheres.h"
#include "Scenarios.h"
// ------------------ grid placement and related stuff ------------------
const float placementStepX = 10.f;
const float placementStepY = 10.f;
const float agentRadius = 3.f; //must hold: placementStep[XY] > 2*agentRadius
float getDiagonalAgentsAABBdistance(const float dx, const float dy, const float r)
//corners distance
float rdx = dx - 2*r;
float rdy = dy - 2*r;
return std::sqrt(rdx*rdx + rdy*rdy);
// ------------------ work-pretending agent ------------------
/** empty agent that only randomly long waits (simulating some work),
slowly translates, fills its pixel and reports its neighbors */
class ParallelNucleus: public AbstractAgent
ParallelNucleus(const int _ID, const std::string& _type,
const Spheres& shape, const int _x, const int _y,
const float _currTime, const float _incrTime):
geometry(shape), x(_x), y(_y),
geometryDx( placementStepX/5.f,0.f,0.f ),
searchAroundDistance( 0.95f * getDiagonalAgentsAABBdistance(placementStepX,placementStepY,agentRadius) )
#ifndef DEBUG
REPORT(IDSIGN << "created: \"" << _type << "\"");
///local (and the only storage) of the current agent's geometry
Spheres geometry;
///relative position on the grid of nuclei
int x,y;
///flag to tell publishGeometry() to update the geometry (to prevent it from translating twice)
bool shouldUpdateGeometry = false;
///how much to translate the geometry
const Vector3d<float> geometryDx;
///how much to look around to find AABBs of nearby agents
const float searchAroundDistance;
///who has been found around
std::list<const ShadowAgent*> nearbyAgents;
/// internal affairs: flag that the agent should move
void advanceAndBuildIntForces(const float)
//random duration (in full 2-10 seconds) pause here to pretend "some work"
std::this_thread::sleep_for(std::chrono::seconds( (long long)GetRandomUniform(2,10) ));
//ask to have the geometry updated as a result of the "some work"
shouldUpdateGeometry = true;
//increase the local time of the agent
currTime += incrTime;
/// external affairs: just look and remember who is around
void collectExtForces(void)
//reset a list of nearby agents
//ask scheduler to have it filled,
//that is to record nearby agents
Officer->getNearbyAgents(this,searchAroundDistance, nearbyAgents);
//we don't utilize any extra (2nd) geometry to be updated, and we cannot update
//the official this.geometry here (that can happen only in publishGeometry()),
//so these methods are empty
void adjustGeometryByIntForces(void) {}
void adjustGeometryByExtForces(void) {}
void publishGeometry(void)
//some agents fail to update their geometry for some time
if (shouldUpdateGeometry && x%18 == 17 && y%18 == 17 && currTime > 0.2 && currTime < 1.9)
DEBUG_REPORT(SIGN << "failed to provide updated geometry");
shouldUpdateGeometry = false;
if (shouldUpdateGeometry)
//translate agent a bit to the right
geometry.updateCentre(0, geometry.getCentres()[0] + geometryDx);
shouldUpdateGeometry = false;
void drawMask(DisplayUnit& du)
//draw sphere at its current position
du.DrawPoint(ID << 17, geometry.getCentres()[0], geometry.getRadii()[0], 2);
void drawMask(i3d::Image3d<i3d::GRAY16>& mask)
//set my "grid pixel" to mark I was alive
mask.SetVoxel((size_t)x,(size_t)y,0, (i3d::GRAY16)ID);
//one agent will disable producing mask images after it was created at least once
if (ID == 1 && currTime == 0.1f)
DEBUG_REPORT("stopping the production of the maskXXX.tif");
void drawTexture(i3d::Image3d<float>& phantom, i3d::Image3d<float>& indices)
//report the current time into the phantom
phantom.SetVoxel((size_t)x,(size_t)y,0, currTime);
//if this call is the very first snapshot (the one after the scene is build,
//and no simulation round has been executed so far), the neighbors have not yet examined
if (currTime == 0) collectExtForces();
//report the encoded list of IDs of nearby agents with the purpose to spot
//if the constellation around this agent has changed... (as a result of
//badly updated info about surrounding bboxes)
//how to encode n IDs into scalar? f(a1,...,an) =
// = sum_i ai -> no, different agents can easily give the same encoding, e.g. 19+20 = 18+21
// = prod_i ai -> no, with large grids (with large ID numbers) the product may not fit into float
// = sum_i hash(ai) -> yes, provided n times hashDomainSizeInBits fits into float
// (hash(19) != hash(20) != hash(18) != hash(21) and
// also very unlikely hash(19)+hash(20) == hash(18)+hash(21))
size_t hash = 0;
for (const auto sa : nearbyAgents)
//get ID out of the sa->getAgentType()
std::istringstream iss(sa->getAgentType());
std::string ignore;
int ID;
iss >> ignore >> ID;
if (nearbyAgents.size() > 4) DEBUG_REPORT(SIGN << "sees around agent ID " << ID);
hash += std::hash<int>()(ID);
indices.SetVoxel((size_t)x,(size_t)y,0, (float)hash);
// ------------------ setting up the simulation scenario ------------------
void Scenario_Parallel::initializeScenario(void)
//scenario has two optional params: how many agents along x and y axes
const int howManyAlongX = argc > 2? atoi(argv[2]) : 5;
const int howManyAlongY = argc > 3? atoi(argv[3]) : 4;
//corner of the grid of agents such that centre of the grid coincides with scene's centre
Vector3d<float> simCorner(sceneSize);
simCorner /= 2.0f;
simCorner += sceneOffset;
simCorner.x -= placementStepX * (howManyAlongX-1)/2.f;
simCorner.y -= placementStepY * (howManyAlongY-1)/2.f;
//agents' metadata
char agentName[512];
int ID = 1;
for (int y = 0; y < howManyAlongY; ++y)
for (int x = 0; x < howManyAlongX; ++x)
//the wished position
Vector3d<float> pos(simCorner);
pos.x += placementStepX * x;
pos.y += placementStepY * y;
//shape (and placement)
Spheres s(1);
sprintf(agentName,"nucleus %d @ %d,%d",ID,x,y);
ParallelNucleus* ag = new ParallelNucleus(ID,std::string(agentName),s,x,y,currTime,incrTime);
//setup the output images: that many pixels as many agents
setOutputImgSpecs(Vector3d<float>(0), //offset: um
Vector3d<float>(howManyAlongX,howManyAlongY,1), //size: um = px
Vector3d<float>(1)); //resolution: px/um
enableProducingOutput(imgMask); //enable if you want to see the constellation of IDs
//do 20 (internal) iterations and then stop
stopTime = currTime + 20*incrTime;
//ask the system to report after every (internal) simulation step
expoTime = incrTime;
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ class Scenario_withTexture CLASS_DECLARATION_WithOwnSynthoscopy
class Scenario_dragRotateAndTexture CLASS_DECLARATION
class Scenario_phaseIIandIII CLASS_DECLARATION
class Scenario_PerlinShowCase CLASS_DECLARATION
class Scenario_Parallel CLASS_DECLARATION
class Scenarios
......@@ -56,6 +57,7 @@ public:
AVAILABLE_SCENARIO( "dragFluoTexture", Scenario_dragRotateAndTexture )
AVAILABLE_SCENARIO( "synthoscopy", Scenario_phaseIIandIII )
AVAILABLE_SCENARIO( "PerlinShowCase", Scenario_PerlinShowCase )
AVAILABLE_SCENARIO( "parallel", Scenario_Parallel )
// ---> ADD NEW SCENARIO HERE (and add definition *cpp file, re-run cmake!) <---
if (simulation == NULL)
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ public:
//init display/export units
//displayUnit.RegisterUnit( new ConsoleDisplayUnit() );
//displayUnit.RegisterUnit( new FileDisplayUnit("debugLog.txt") );
displayUnit.RegisterUnit( new FlightRecorderDisplayUnit("FlightRecording.txt") );
//displayUnit.RegisterUnit( new FlightRecorderDisplayUnit("FlightRecording.txt") );
displayUnit.RegisterUnit( new SceneryBufferedDisplayUnit("localhost:8765") );
//displayUnit.RegisterUnit( new SceneryBufferedDisplayUnit("") ); //laptop @ Vlado's office
//displayUnit.RegisterUnit( new SceneryBufferedDisplayUnit("") ); //PC @ Vlado's home
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