Commit f3e364d4 authored by Vladimír Ulman's avatar Vladimír Ulman
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ADD: CellCycle(otherCycle,true) -- an exact copy c'tor

parent 6ad818cc
#ifndef _CELLCYCLE_H_
#define _CELLCYCLE_H_
#include "../../util/report.h"
#include "../../util/rnd_generators.h"
/** A datatype enumerating the particular phases of cell cycle in their order */
......@@ -47,6 +48,13 @@ public:
CellCycle( GetRandomGauss(refCellCycle.fullCycleDuration,
spreadFactor * refCellCycle.fullCycleDuration) ) {}
/** an exact-copy constructor - useful when two instances that act exactly the same
are used in one agent (e.g. one cycle to control geometry changes, one cycle
to control texture development); note that one has to provide the second
parameter (with any value) to reach out for this particular c'tor */
CellCycle(const CellCycle& refCellCycle, const bool):
CellCycle( refCellCycle.fullCycleDuration ) {}
/** constructor with (in minutes) given cycle length */
CellCycle(const float _fullCycleDuration):
fullCycleDuration(_fullCycleDuration) {}
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