Commit 0e292d6d authored by Jan Kožusznik's avatar Jan Kožusznik

ISS-1214: parsing of csv file crash whole donwload process

parent 0c7ed904
......@@ -49,7 +49,12 @@ class DownloadNotifierProcessingResultCSV implements ProgressNotifier {
public void itemDone(final Object item) {
if (item instanceof String && ((String)item).endsWith(Constants.BENCHMARK_RESULT_FILE)) {
final Path resultFile = job.getDirectory().resolve(Constants.BENCHMARK_RESULT_FILE);
if (resultFile != null) BenchmarkJobManager.formatResultFile(resultFile);
try {
if (resultFile != null) BenchmarkJobManager.formatResultFile(resultFile);
catch (RuntimeException e) {
log.warn("parsing result file failed", e);
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