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...@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ topology_template: ...@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ topology_template:
token: { get_input: token } token: { get_input: token }
JobSpecification: JobSpecification:
Name: WRFJob Name: WRFJob
... ...
# Outputs: values of attributes exposed by components described above # Outputs: values of attributes exposed by components described above
outputs: outputs:
ddi_post_process_results: ddi_post_process_results:
...@@ -203,3 +203,54 @@ thanks to these lines in the import section: ...@@ -203,3 +203,54 @@ thanks to these lines in the import section:
imports: imports:
- heappe-types:1.0.3 - heappe-types:1.0.3
``` ```
## Section topology_template
This section describes input parameters, components and relationships, outputs,
and workflows of the application
### subsection inputs
In this subsection you declare input parameters, specifying which one are required
and which one are not required with a default value that the user can override if needed.
Here is the description on an input parameter `token` marked as required,
so the user will have to provide a value to this input parameter before being able to deploy the application:
# Input parameters provided by the user and referenced in node templates below
type: string
required: true
description: "Access token"
These input parameters can be referenced in the next section node_templates in
propertied of node templates, using the TOSCA function `get_input` like below:
type: org.heappe.nodes.Job
token: { get_input: token }
### subsection node_templates
This subsection describes components and relationships between this component
# Description of components and relationships between these components
# Here a HEAppE job referencing in its properties the token input parameter
type: org.heappe.nodes.Job
task: computation
token: { get_input: token }
Name: WRFJob
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