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# random
# Random
Random data generator
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## Intro
Random data generator. The code generates large amount of random data to stdout. Random data are hardware generated by reading the on-chip hardware random data generator which has been seeded by an on-chip entropy source via the rdrand instruction. Alternatively, random data are generated by the permuted congruential generator (PCG) pseudorandom number generation algorithm.
## Source
random_hw.c: hardware generated random data
random_pcg.c: PCG pseudorandom number generated data
## Build
Compile with any c compiler.
$ gcc random_hw.c -o random.x
$ gcc random_pcg -o random.x
## Run
The code takes single numeric argument, the number of megabytes of data to generate.
All data are written to stdout
To generate 1GB of random data:
$ ./random.x 1000 > randomdata
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