Commit 6d27042d authored by espiritocz's avatar espiritocz

just cosmetic update

parent ccf9c0c9
......@@ -158,6 +158,11 @@ chmod 777 proc_coreg_$MS'_'$
echo "Processing (this may take around 30 minutes once started)."
if [ `ls $S/burst*slc | wc -l` -gt 25 ]; then Q="qprod"; else Q="qexp"; fi
qsub -A $PROJECTIT4I -q $Q -N $relorb'_'$SWATH'_'$S ./proc_coreg_$MS'_'$
echo "If something goes wrong here but the processing was finished ok"
echo "then please check no. of bursts - if same, update in metadata.txt as full image"
echo "and if exists fine_coreg/deramped then just run following command to save to db:"
echo " "$relorb $SWATH $S
echo "we are in this folder:"`pwd` `pwd`/finished
#if ESD is wrong, there is nothing much more to do with this file..
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