Commit 6962f28c authored by Martin Mrovec's avatar Martin Mrovec
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FIX: test suite for connetion - changed types to class

parent d50cb8ee
......@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@
test_suite connection_m
! Global variables declaration
type(mock_neuron_t), target :: n1
type(mock_neuron_t), target :: n2
class(neuron_t), target :: n1
class(neuron_t), target :: n2
type(mock_neuron_t), pointer :: n1_p
type(mock_neuron_t), pointer :: n2_p
class(neuron_t), pointer :: n1_p
class(neuron_t), pointer :: n2_p
type(mock_neuron_t), pointer :: dummy_p
class(neuron_t), pointer :: dummy_p
type(connection_t), pointer :: con
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