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Initial commit on Anselm and Salomon withdrawal from service

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# Anselm and Salomon supercomputers withdrawal from service
Due to installation of the new EURO_IT4I supercomputer, the **Anselm supercomputer is secheduled to be withdrawn from service on 25.1.2021**. Job scheduling on Salomon supercomputer will be disabled from 1.3.2021 onwards. The Barbora and DGX-2 supercomputers continue regular operation.
After nearly 7 years of service in case of the Anselm supercomputer and 5 years of service in case of the Salomon supercomputer it is time for withdrawal from service. The computers grew deprecated and energy inefficient, space and energy constraints mandate withdrawal to make room for the modern EURO_IT4I supercomputer. The EURO_IT4I is scheduled to fully replace Anselm and Salomon supercomputers in May 2021.
## Anselm withdrawal from service
### Job scheduling and access
- All jobs will be scheduled to finish on Friday 22.1.2021, 16:00
- Access will be permanently disabled on Monday 25.1.2021, 9:00
### Data
- The data on Anselm /home and /scratch storage will become permanently inaccesible on Monday 25.1.2021, 9:00 onwards.
- No backup or data transfer is scheduled by IT4Innovations, data will be permanently lost.
- Make sure that you [save all the data to external resources][1] before Monday 25.1.2021, 9:00
## Salomon withdrawal from service
### Job scheduling and access
- All jobs will be scheduled to finish on Monday 1.3.2021, 9:00
- No new jobs will be accepted to the queue
- Access to Salomon login nodes will be preserved at least to 31.5.2021
### Data
- The data on Salomon /home and /scratch storage will be accesible at least to 31.5.2021
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