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For each license, there is a [table][a] providing the information about the name, number of available (purchased/licensed), number of used and number of free license features.
### Command Line
To check license usage via command line, use the `LicenseChecker` module with the `lmstat` utility:
ml LicenseChecker/1.0
For example, to check usage of Ansys licenses, use:
lmstat -a -c
or for a specific module (e.g. HPC):
lmstat -f aa_r_hpc -c
To list all Ansys modules, use:
lmstat -i -c
For other applications' licenses, change the port number in the command according to the **Port** column in [this list][b].
## License Aware Job Scheduling
Salomon and Barbora clusters provide license aware job scheduling.
......@@ -51,3 +79,4 @@ The license is used and accounted only with the real usage of the product. So in
[1]: #Licence
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