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Job features

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# Job Features
Special features installed/configured on the fly on allocated nodes, features are requested in PBS job.
$ qsub... -l feature=req
## VTune Support
Load VTune kernel modules.
$ qsub ... -l vtune=version_string
version_string is VTune version e.g. 2017_update2
## MIC Development Support
Install development packages (gcc, g++, make, automake, autoconf, bison, flex, perl, libraries, ...) on MIC accelerators.
$ qsub ... -l mic_devel=true
Available on Salomon Perrin nodes.
## Global RAM Disk
Create global shared file system consisting of RAM disks of allocated nodes. File-system is mounted on /mnt/global_ramdisk.
$ qsub ... -l global_ramdisk=true
Available on Salomon nodes.
## Virtualization Network
Configure network for virtualization, create interconnect for fast communication between node (host) and virtual machine (guest).
$ qsub ... -l virt_network=true
[See Tap Interconnect](/anselm/software/virtualization/#tap-interconnect)
## x86 Adapt Support
Load kernel module, that allows changing/toggling system parameters stored in MSR and PCI registers of x86 processors.
$ qsub ... -l x86_adapt=true
Hazardous, it causes CPU frequency disruption.
Available on Salomon nodes.
## Disabling Intel Turbo Boost on CPU
Intel Turbo Boost on CPU is enabled on all all compute nodes.
To disable Intel Turbo Boost on CPU
$ qsub ... -l cpu_turbo_boost=false
## Offlining CPU Cores
Not available.
To offline N CPU cores
$ qsub ... -l cpu_offline_cores=N
To offline CPU cores according pattern
$ qsub ... -l cpu_offline_cores=PATTERN
where pattern is list of core's numbers to offline separated by character 'c' e.g. "5c11c16c23c"
Hazardous, it causes Lustre threads disruption.
## Setting Intel Hyper Threading on CPU
Not available, requires changed BIOS settings.
Intel Hyper Threading is disabled by default.
To enable Intel Hyper Threading on allocated nodes CPUs
$ qsub ... -l cpu_hyper_threading=true
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