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Changing password doesn't work on extranet

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......@@ -106,10 +106,6 @@ local $ ssh-keygen -f id_rsa -p
On Windows, use [PuTTY Key Generator](../accessing-the-clusters/shell-access-and-data-transfer/putty/#putty-key-generator).
## Change Password
Change password in [your user profile](
## Certificates for Digital Signatures
We accept personal certificates issued by any widely respected certification authority (CA). This includes certificates by CAs organized in [International Grid Trust Federation](, its European branch [EUGridPMA]( and its member organizations, e.g. the [CESNET certification authority]( The Czech _"Qualified certificate" (Kvalifikovaný certifikát)_ provided by [PostSignum]( or [I.CA](, that is used in electronic contact with Czech authorities is accepted as well.
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