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# IT4Innovations 2021
# LK
name = 'ParMETIS'
version = '4.0.3'
homepage = ''
description = """ParMETIS is an MPI-based parallel library that implements a variety of algorithms for partitioning unstructured graphs,
meshes, and for local_computing fill-reducing orderings of sparse matrices. ParMETIS extends the functionality provided by METIS and includes
routines that are especially suited for parallel AMR local_computations and large scale numerical simulations. The algorithms implemented in
ParMETIS are based on the parallel multilevel k-way graph-partitioning, adaptive repartitioning, and parallel multi-constrained partitioning
toolchain = {'name': 'gompi', 'version': '2020a'}
toolchainopts = {'usempi': True, 'pic': True}
source_urls = [
builddependencies = [('CMake', '3.16.2', '', True)]
moduleclass = 'math'
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