Commit b6cf7db2 authored by Lukáš Krupčík's avatar Lukáš Krupčík

new file: r/ranger/ranger-1.9.1-Py-3.6.eb

Former-commit-id: ff19818e
parent 4ca71fbb
# IT4Innovations 2018
easyblock = "PythonPackage"
name = 'ranger'
version = '1.9.1'
homepage = ''
description = 'ranger is a console file manager with VI key bindings. It provides a minimalistic and nice curses interface with a view on the directory hierarchy. It ships with rifle, a file launcher that is good at automatically finding out which program to use for what file type.'
toolchain = {'name': 'Py', 'version': '3.6'}
source_urls = ['']
sources = ["v%(version)s.tar.gz"]
#dependencies = [
# ('MarkupSafe', '1.0'),
sanity_check_paths = {
'files': ['bin/ranger', 'bin/rifle'],
'dirs': ['lib/python3.6/site-packages/%(name)s'],
moduleclass = 'python'
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