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# Tensorflow 1.1.0
git clone
cd tensorflow
git checkout r1.1
ml cuDNN/5.1-CUDA-7.5.18
ml Bazel/0.4.4-GCC-4.9.3
ml Python/3.6.1
ml GCC/4.9.3-tf
jemalloc: N
cuda version: 7.5
cuda path: /apps/all/CUDA/7.5.18/
cuDNN version: 5.1.10
cuDNN path: /apps/all/cuDNN/5.1-CUDA-7.5.18/
CUDA compute capability: 3.5
(vse ostatni default)
bazel build --config=opt --config=cuda
pip install --user
## Chyba **protoc failed**
* přidat **env=ctx.configuration.default_shell_env** do **ctx.action** sekce v souboru **bazel-tensorflow/external/protobuf/protobuf.bzl**
* znovu spustit **bazel build --config=opt --config=cuda //tensorflow/tools/pip_package:build_pip_package**
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