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# Documentation
!!! Warning
There's a planned Salomon upgrade. Make sure to read the [details][upgrade].
Welcome to the IT4Innovations documentation pages. The IT4Innovations national supercomputing center operates the supercomputers [Salomon][1] and [Anselm][2]. The supercomputers are [available][3] to the academic community within the Czech Republic and Europe, and the industrial community worldwide. The purpose of these pages is to provide comprehensive documentation of the hardware, software and usage of the computers.
## How to Read the Documentation
......@@ -70,6 +73,7 @@ By doing so, you can save other readers from frustration and help us improve.
[2]: anselm/
[3]: general/
[4]: salomon/
# Upgrade of Salomon Cluster
There's a planned upgrade of Salomon on 2018-12-xx til 2018-12-xx.
!!! Warning
This upgrade will introduce a lot of changes with respect to production and user experience.
Salomon operating system will be upgraded to the latest CentOS 7.5. We will be able to support latest software versions and keep the cluster security with upstream releases.
Major changes are:
* kernel will be upgraded to 3.10.0 (now 2.6.32)
* glibc will be upgraded to 2.17 (now 2.12)
## FAQ
## Discontinued Modules
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ nav:
- VPN Access: general/accessing-the-clusters/
- PRACE User Support:
- API Documentation:
- Salomon Upgrade:
- Salomon:
- Introduction: salomon/
- Hardware Overview: salomon/
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