Commit 27902b54 authored by Josef Hrabal's avatar Josef Hrabal
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_not_installed merged back

Modules which was not installed merged back to root directory.
parent 722a883e
easyblock = 'ConfigureMake'
name = 'Tk'
version = '8.6.4'
homepage = ''
description = """Tk is an open source, cross-platform widget toolchain that provides a library of basic elements for building
a graphical user interface (GUI) in many different programming languages."""
toolchain = {'name': 'dummy', 'version': 'dummy'}
source_urls = [""]
sources = ['%(namelower)s%(version)s-src.tar.gz']
patches = ['Tk-%(version)s_different-prefix-with-tcl.patch']
dependencies = [
('Tcl', version),
('zlib', '1.2.8'),
configopts = '--enable-threads --with-tcl=$EBROOTTCL/lib --without-x CFLAGS="-I$EBROOTTCL/include"'
start_dir = 'unix'
moduleclass = 'vis'
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