Commit f9540819 authored by Lukáš Krupčík's avatar Lukáš Krupčík
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new file: f/Forge/Forge-7.0.0.eb

	new file:   f/Forge/Forge-7.0.4.eb
	deleted:    f/Forge/Forge-7.0.eb
parent f3e0d149
easyblock = 'AllineaBase'
# !!! --include-easyblocks /apps/easybuild/python/easybuild/easyblocks/a/ !!!
name = 'Forge'
version = "7.0.4"
homepage = ''
description = """Allinea Forge is the complete toolsuite for software development
- with everything needed to debug, profile, optimize, edit and build C, C++
and FORTRAN applications on Linux for high performance - from single threads through
to complex parallel HPC codes with MPI, OpenMP, threads or CUDA.
toolchain = {'name': 'dummy', 'version': ''}
source_urls = [
# Use manually downloaded sources
# and rename it to format %(namelower)s-%(version)s.tar, so forge-7.0.4.tar.
skipsteps = ['configure', 'build']
postinstallcmds = [
'ln -s /apps/licenses/Allinea/Licence %(installdir)s/licences/Licence',
sanity_check_paths = {
'files': ['bin/ddt-client', 'bin/map', 'bin/ddt', 'bin/ddt-debugger', 'bin/ddt-debugger-ll', 'bin/ddt-debugger-mps', 'bin/ddt-mpirun', 'bin/forge', 'bin/make-profiler-libraries'],
'dirs': ['lib'],
moduleclass = 'debugger'
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