Commit 1d626ba2 authored by Ondrej Vysocky's avatar Ondrej Vysocky
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ENH compilation does not search for cpufreq if x86adapt or msrsafe is...

ENH compilation does not search for cpufreq if x86adapt or msrsafe is available, because cpupower is being available on the systems despite it is not possible to use #59
parent 6269e9c7
......@@ -30,9 +30,9 @@ def configure(ctx):
if (not ctx.check_cc(header_name="hdeem.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)):
ctx.env.append_unique("CXXFLAGS", [ "-I"+ctx.path.abspath()+"/include/"])
ctx.check_cc(header_name="linux/perf_event.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)
ctx.check_cc(header_name="cpufreq.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)
if((not ctx.check_cc(header_name="x86_adapt.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)) and (not ctx.check_cc(header_name="msr_core.h", execute=False, mandatory=False))):
ctx.check_cc(header_name="numa.h", execute=False, mandatory=True)
ctx.check_cc(header_name="cpufreq.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)
ctx.check_cc(header_name="papi.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)
ctx.check_cc(header_name="hdf5.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)
ctx.check_cc(header_name="restclient-cpp/restclient.h", execute=False, mandatory=False)
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