Commit 4ad446db authored by Campbell Barton's avatar Campbell Barton
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check_spelling_c: update word list

Some have been added up-stream, remove some incorrect spellings.
parent 31bfefb9
......@@ -20,15 +20,31 @@
# these must be all lower case for comparisons
# correct spelling but ignore
dict_custom = {
# Added to newer versions of the dictionary,
# we can remove these when the updated word-lists have been applied to aspell-en.
"accessor", "accessors",
"enqueue", "enqueued", "enqueues",
"prepend", "prepends",
# Added to 'large' dictionary, we might need to keep these here
# if it's not included by default.
# Correct spelling, update the dictionary, here:
"adjoint", "adjugate",
"confusticate", "confusticated",
......@@ -40,41 +56,35 @@ dict_custom = {
"enqueue", "enqueued", "enqueues",
"prefetch", "prefetching",
"prepend", "prepends",
"recurse", "recurses",
"subclass", "subclasses", "subclassing",
......@@ -82,7 +92,6 @@ dict_custom = {
"unregister", "unregisters",
# python types
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