Commit 548055f4 authored by Dalai Felinto's avatar Dalai Felinto
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Credits: Update Eitan Traurig's last name

parent 574de3b4
......@@ -59,7 +59,8 @@ AuthorLookup = {
"gaiaclary": "Gaia Clary",
"Diego Hernan Borghetti": "Diego Borghetti",
"Dotsnov Valentin": "Dontsov Valentin",
"Eitan": "EitanSomething",
"Eitan": "Eitan Traurig",
"EitanSomething": "Eitan Traurig",
"Germano": "Germano Cavalcante",
"Germano Cavalcantemano-wii": "Germano Cavalcante",
"mano-wii": "Germano Cavalcante",
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