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Add helper script to synchronize commits between Blender and Cycles repos

Use with care, review all changes you apply before commit!

Some further tweaks to the script are possible.
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import collections
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
# Hashes to be ignored
# The system sometimes fails to match commits and suggests to backport
# revision which was already ported. In order to solve that we can:
# - Explicitly ignore some of the commits.
# - Move the synchronization point forward.
# Start revisions from both repositories.
# Prefix which is common for all the subjects.
# Marker which indicates begin of new file in the patch set.
# Marker of the end of the patchset.
# Prefix of topic to be omitted
b"Cycles: ",
b"cycles: ",
b"Cycles Standalone: ",
b"Cycles standalone: ",
b"cycles standalone: ",
def subject_strip(common_prefix, subject):
for prefix in SUBJECT_SKIP_PREFIX:
full_prefix = common_prefix + prefix
if subject.startswith(full_prefix):
subject = common_prefix + subject[len(full_prefix):]
return subject
def replace_file_prefix(path, prefix, replace_prefix):
tokens = path.split(b' ')
prefix_len = len(prefix)
for i, t in enumerate(tokens):
for x in (b"a/", b"b/"):
if t.startswith(x + prefix):
tokens[i] = x + replace_prefix + t[prefix_len + 2:]
return b' '.join(tokens)
def cleanup_patch(patch, accept_prefix, replace_prefix):
assert(accept_prefix[0] != b'/')
assert(replace_prefix[0] != b'/')
full_accept_prefix = GIT_FILE_SECTION_MARKER + b" a/" + accept_prefix
with open(patch, "rb") as f:
content = f.readlines()
clean_content = []
do_skip = False
for line in content:
if line.startswith(GIT_SUBJECT_COMMON_PREFIX):
# Skip possible prefix like "Cycles:", we already know change is
# about Cycles since it's being committed to a Cycles repository.
line = subject_strip(GIT_SUBJECT_COMMON_PREFIX, line)
# Dots usually are omitted in the topic
line = line.replace(b".\n", b"\n")
elif line.startswith(GIT_FILE_SECTION_MARKER):
if not line.startswith(full_accept_prefix):
do_skip = True
do_skip = False
line = replace_file_prefix(line, accept_prefix, replace_prefix)
elif line.startswith(GIT_PATCHSET_END_MARKER):
do_skip = False
elif line.startswith(b"---") or line.startswith(b"+++"):
line = replace_file_prefix(line, accept_prefix, replace_prefix)
if not do_skip:
with open(patch, "wb") as f:
# Get mapping from commit subject to commit hash.
# It'll actually include timestamp of the commit to the map key, so commits with
# the same subject wouldn't conflict with each other.
def commit_map_get(repository, path, start_commit):
command = (b"git",
b"--git-dir=" + os.path.join(repository, b'.git'),
b"--work-tree=" + repository,
b"log", b"--format=%H %at %s", b"--reverse",
start_commit + b'..HEAD',
os.path.join(repository, path))
lines = subprocess.check_output(command).split(b"\n")
commit_map = collections.OrderedDict()
for line in lines:
if line:
commit_sha, stamped_subject = line.split(b' ', 1)
stamp, subject = stamped_subject.split(b' ', 1)
subject = subject_strip(b"", subject).rstrip(b".")
stamped_subject = stamp + b" " + subject
if commit_sha in IGNORE_HASHES:
commit_map[stamped_subject] = commit_sha
return commit_map
# Get difference between two lists of commits.
# Returns two lists: first are the commits to be ported from Cycles to Blender,
# second one are the commits to be ported from Blender to Cycles.
def commits_get_difference(cycles_map, blender_map):
cycles_to_blender = []
for stamped_subject, commit_hash in cycles_map.items():
if not stamped_subject in blender_map:
blender_to_cycles = []
for stamped_subject, commit_hash in blender_map.items():
if not stamped_subject in cycles_map:
return cycles_to_blender, blender_to_cycles
# Transfer commits from one repository to another.
# Doesn't do actual commit just for the safety.
def transfer_commits(commit_hashes,
patch_index = 1
for commit_hash in commit_hashes:
command = (
b"--git-dir=" + os.path.join(from_repository, b'.git'),
b"--work-tree=" + from_repository,
b"format-patch", b"-1",
b"--start-number", str(patch_index),
b"-o", to_repository,
patch_file = subprocess.check_output(command).rstrip(b"\n")
if dst_is_cycles:
cleanup_patch(patch_file, b"intern/cycles", b"src")
cleanup_patch(patch_file, b"src", b"intern/cycles")
patch_index += 1
def main():
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print("Usage: %s /path/to/cycles/ /path/to/blender/" % sys.argv[0])
cycles_repository = sys.argv[1].encode()
blender_repository = sys.argv[2].encode()
cycles_map = commit_map_get(cycles_repository, b'', CYCLES_START_COMMIT)
blender_map = commit_map_get(blender_repository, b"intern/cycles", BLENDER_START_COMMIT)
diff = commits_get_difference(cycles_map, blender_map)
transfer_commits(diff[0], cycles_repository, blender_repository, False)
transfer_commits(diff[1], blender_repository, cycles_repository, True)
print("Missing commits were saved to the blender and cycles repositories.")
print("Check them and if they're all fine run:")
print(" git am *.path")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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