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doc: Remove old changelog fragments

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os/threading: Include `xrt_compiler.h` to fix missing stdint types.
util: Add a very simple fifo for indices, this is used to keep track of
swapchain in order of age (oldness).
util: Expand `u_hashset` to be able to automatically allocate a `u_hashet_item`
and insert it.
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- mr.408
- mr.409
Centralise the logging functionality in Monado to a single util helper.
Previously most of our logging was done via fprints and gated behind booleans,
now there are common functions to call and a predfined set of levels.
main: Include `<math.h>` in layers renderer for missing `tanf` function.
swapchain: Give out the oldset image index when a image is acquired. This logic
can be made better, but will work for the good case.
swapchain: Close any FDs that are still valid, for instance the ipc server
copies the FDs to the client.
client: When we give a image fd to the either OpenGL or Vulkan it is consumed
and can not be rused. So make sure that it is set to an invalid fd value on the
`xrt_image_fd` on the owning `xrt_swapchain_fd`.
main: We were alpha blending all layers previously, but now we support the
layer flag that OpenXR gives us. We do this by using different `VkImageView`s
with different component swizzles.
layer_rendering: Use the visibility flags on quad to correctly show the layers
in each eye.
psvr: Normalize the rotation to not trip up the client app when it gives the
rotation back to `st/oxr` again.
vive: Create vive_config module to isolate config code and avoid duplication between controller and headset code.
vive: Probe for controllers in vive_proper interface.
vive: Fix a bug where using the Vive Pro crashed Monado.
vive: Fix a bug where the controller didn't parse JSON vectors correctly.
vive: Move missing functions to and use u_json.
vive: Add support for Gen1 and Gen2 Vive Trackers.
vive: Port to new u_logging API.
comp: Set a compositor window title.
server: Almost completely overhaul the handling of swapchain life cycle
including: correctly track which swapchains are alive; reuse ids; enforce the
maximum number of swapchains; and destroy underlying swapchains when they are
destroyed by the client.
util: Make sure to not access NULL control messages, say in the case of the
server failing to create a swapchain. Also add a whole bunch of paranoia when
it comes to the alignment of the control message buffers.
ipc: Return XR_ERROR_INSTANCE_LOST on IPC errors.
build: Allow enabling inter-procedural optimization in CMake GUIs, if supported by platform and compiler.
OpenXR: Update headers to 1.0.9.
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