Commit ca06c16e authored by Jakob Bornecrantz's avatar Jakob Bornecrantz Committed by Jakob Bornecrantz
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st/gui: Better conversion sinks

parent 8aee7740
......@@ -237,16 +237,15 @@ scene_render_select(struct gui_scene *scene, struct gui_program *p)
p->texs[p->num_texs++] =
gui_ogl_sink_create("Calibration", cs->xfctx, &rgb);
u_sink_create_format_converter(cs->xfctx, XRT_FORMAT_R8G8B8, rgb, &rgb);
u_sink_create_to_r8g8b8_or_l8(cs->xfctx, rgb, &rgb);
u_sink_queue_create(cs->xfctx, rgb, &rgb);
p->texs[p->num_texs++] = gui_ogl_sink_create("Raw", cs->xfctx, &raw);
u_sink_create_format_converter(cs->xfctx, XRT_FORMAT_R8G8B8, raw, &raw);
u_sink_create_to_r8g8b8_or_l8(cs->xfctx, raw, &raw);
u_sink_queue_create(cs->xfctx, raw, &raw);
t_calibration_stereo_create(cs->xfctx, &cs->params, &cs->status, rgb,
u_sink_create_to_yuv_or_yuyv(cs->xfctx, cali, &cali);
u_sink_queue_create(cs->xfctx, cali, &cali);
u_sink_split_create(cs->xfctx, raw, cali, &cali);
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