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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ In many cases, you will run your own code on the cluster. In order to fully expl
* **node:** a computer, interconnected by network to other computers - Computational nodes are powerful computers, designed and dedicated for executing demanding scientific computations.
* **core:** processor core, a unit of processor, executing computations
* **corehours:** wall clock hours of processor core time - Each node is equipped with **X** processor cores, provides **X** corehours per 1 wall clock hour.
* **core-hour:** also standard core-hour, SCH. A metric of computer usage utilization, [see definition](salomon/resources-allocation-policy/#standard-core-hours-sch)
* **job:** a calculation running on the supercomputer - The job allocates and utilizes resources of the supercomputer for certain time.
* **HPC:** High Performance Computing
* **HPC (computational) resources:** corehours, storage capacity, software licences
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