Commit a0a42f2a authored by Martin Beseda's avatar Martin Beseda
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FIX: Fixed CMakeLists.txt to compile net_m module correctly.

parent 4afb3d71
......@@ -19,3 +19,11 @@ add_library(connection_m SHARED connection_m.f90)
set_target_properties(connection_m PROPERTIES LINKER_LANGUAGE Fortran)
target_link_libraries(connection_m neuron_m time_measurement_m normal_m)
add_library(interconnection_m SHARED net_m.f90)
set_target_properties(interconnection_m PROPERTIES LINKER_LANGUAGE Fortran)
target_link_libraries(interconnection_m data_kinds_4neuro_m time_measurement_m)
add_library(net_m SHARED net_m.f90)
set_target_properties(net_m PROPERTIES LINKER_LANGUAGE Fortran)
target_link_libraries(net_m interconnection_m data_kinds_4neuro_m time_measurement_m neuron_m connection_m)
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