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[ANSYS Fluent](
software contains the broad physical modeling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications ranging from air flow over an aircraft wing to combustion in a furnace, from bubble columns to oil platforms, from blood flow to semiconductor manufacturing, and from clean room design to wastewater treatment plants. Special models that give the software the ability to model in-cylinder combustion, aeroacoustics, turbomachinery, and multiphase systems have served to broaden its reach.
1. Common way to run Fluent over PBS file
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## Common way to run Fluent over PBS file
To run ANSYS Fluent in batch mode you can utilize/modify the default fluent.pbs script and execute it via the qsub command.
......@@ -58,9 +56,7 @@ Journal file with definition of the input geometry and boundary conditions and d
The appropriate dimension of the problem has to be set by parameter (2d/3d).
2. Fast way to run Fluent from command line
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## Fast way to run Fluent from command line
fluent solver_version [FLUENT_options] -i journal_file -pbs
......@@ -68,9 +64,7 @@ fluent solver_version [FLUENT_options] -i journal_file -pbs
This syntax will start the ANSYS FLUENT job under PBS Professional using the qsub command in a batch manner. When resources are available, PBS Professional will start the job and return a job ID, usually in the form of _job_ID.hostname_. This job ID can then be used to query, control, or stop the job using standard PBS Professional commands, such as qstat or qdel. The job will be run out of the current working directory, and all output will be written to the file fluent.o _job_ID_.
3. Running Fluent via user's config file
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## Running Fluent via user's config file
The sample script uses a configuration file called pbs_fluent.conf if no command line arguments are present. This configuration file should be present in the directory from which the jobs are submitted (which is also the directory in which the jobs are executed). The following is an example of what the content of pbs_fluent.conf can be:
......@@ -147,9 +141,7 @@ To run ANSYS Fluent in batch mode with user's config file you can utilize/modify
It runs the jobs out of the directory from which they are submitted (PBS_O_WORKDIR).
4. Running Fluent in parralel
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## Running Fluent in parralel
Fluent could be run in parallel only under Academic Research license. To do so this ANSYS Academic Research license must be placed before ANSYS CFD license in user preferences. To make this change anslic_admin utility should be run
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