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......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ IT4Innovations does not provide any licenses for operating systems and software
We propose this job workflow:
![Workflow](../../img/virtualization-job-workflow "Virtualization Job Workflow")
Our recommended solution is that job script creates distinct shared job directory, which makes a central point for data exchange between Anselm's environment, compute node (host) (e.g. HOME, SCRATCH, local scratch and other local or cluster file systems) and virtual machine (guest). Job script links or copies input data and instructions what to do (run script) for virtual machine to job directory and virtual machine process input data according instructions in job directory and store output back to job directory. We recommend, that virtual machine is running in so called [snapshot mode](virtualization/#snapshot-mode), image is immutable - image does not change, so one image can be used for many concurrent jobs.
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